The Diamant Family

Hello to the Herzl family website members
My name is Dganit Israely and I believe I belong to a branch of Diamant family thet is still missing on the website family tree.

The branch of Isak Diamant, son of Josef Diamant and brother of Wolf Diamant.

Isak son philipp (1791-1847) was married to Rosalie Freistadt (1789-1859)
Their daugter is Minna Diamant.
Minna Diamant is the grandmother of Emilia, spouse of Max Kasovich, famous children doctor in Wein.
Their daughter is Anna, married to Edmomd Yerushalem. They had 5 children, the whole family imigrated to Israel. 4 of the children still live, one of them is Miriam Bronshpigel my grand mother (born in 1922), lives in Kibbuts Beit Hashita

The infornation on the Diamant family is based on a book written in German on Minna Diamant, by Paul J. Diamant, father of Rut Alon lives in Kibbuts Beit Hashita and wife of Azarya Alon.

Hope you'll find that inforamtion usefull.

Dganit Israely

The DIAMANT family - from a BIACH cousin [but not a DIAMANT]

Hello Dganit; you do not know me but I know you from my family tree as Minna DIAMANT is my gtgtgt aunt. She married Leon BIACH {born Pressburg 1806], the brother of my gtgtgrandfather Emanuel BIACH [born Pressburg 1802].

I have studied the BIACH tree for many years and also have investigated this branch of the DIAMANT family. I have visited the graves of Minna & Leon Biach, Rosalie Freistadt Emanuel & Fanni Biach and all their children in Vienna and do so every year. I have the DIAMANT tree incomplete starting Josef Isak DIAMANT born abt 1730 from Spacza nr Thyrnau

I have even paid for the plot of Max KASSOWITZ's grave in Doblingerfriedhof [unfortunately no longer under Jewish jurisdiction] to be maintained although he is no relation of mine and would welcome help in this area, as in a few years this will expire!

He is buried with his parents-in-law Charlotte nee BIACH, Wilhelm ROSENTHAL, and his wife, Emilie. Because the family did not pay for the grave maintenance, the famous headstone has disappeared but I managed to rescue the plot just in time! Max Kassowitz was Freud's teacher.

In Vienna, the family you called Yerushalem was known as Jerusalem .. and I know them too! See some of my archived FLICRK photos:

I have more but have not added them here.

My gtgt grandparents as well as my gt-grandparents are buried in Doblingerfriedhof, a mere stone's throw from HERZL's original grave. Luckily, they had the foresight to buy their plots for the duration of the cemetery in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Bye Celia [U.K.]