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This website is dedicated to the history of HERZL family and related families. It is a tool for the family member to exchange information about the family history, learn about it and preserve the information to be available for family members, today and in future generations.

On 1949, it was suggested by Yechiel ROTH to organize the "HERZL circle" society of family members with the main objective to collect and preserve any documents, memories, letters and photos about Theodor HERZL and other family members.

Now, after 57 years, in the internet era, we can establish such a virtual community, connecting with family members all over the world.


hello family members, my name is Alex.

My grandmother Rosa Lobl was related to the Herzl family. My father told me that she was a cousin of Theodor Herzl. On a picture of her he wrote Rosa Lobl Herzl, so I think that her grandfather was Lobl herzl or Lobl, and her grandmother was Herzl.

Rosa Lobl was born in Semlin 186? , died 26.10.1931 or 1933 in Bucarest and buried on the jewisch cemetry in Cluj (KLausenburg).
She was married with Sandor Simion Schwarz, born 07.04.1860 in Abony, died 26.04.1926 in Cluj.
They had 4 children; Ernest, Erzsi, Ilona and Martin (my father).

The parents of my grandmother are Heinrich Lobl (Lobel), born Semlin ? 1838 or 1839 and died 21.11.1903 age 64, and Nina Schosberger (born, died ?).

The Diamant Family

Hello to the Herzl family website members
My name is Dganit Israely and I believe I belong to a branch of Diamant family thet is still missing on the website family tree.

The branch of Isak Diamant, son of Josef Diamant and brother of Wolf Diamant.

Isak son philipp (1791-1847) was married to Rosalie Freistadt (1789-1859)
Their daugter is Minna Diamant.
Minna Diamant is the grandmother of Emilia, spouse of Max Kasovich, famous children doctor in Wein.
Their daughter is Anna, married to Edmomd Yerushalem. They had 5 children, the whole family imigrated to Israel. 4 of the children still live, one of them is Miriam Bronshpigel my grand mother (born in 1922), lives in Kibbuts Beit Hashita


My Grandfather Jozef-Hersz Herzel or Herzl was born in Rudki or Grudek-Jagielonsky in Poland or Ukraine on 26 December 1872. Another town mentioned by a relative is Zhydachiv or Zudaczow. Died on 23 September 1943 in Bodaibo,Siberia.

His father was Samuel (Shmuel) his mother was Chaja. He had two brothers: one named Eliahu the other brother's name is unknown. His brothers may have been doctors.

Josef-Hersz was chazan in the town of Tarnobrzeg Poland, married to Hinde Dvorah Silber.

This is all the information I have. Does anyone have any connection or knowledge about him or his siblings or his siblings descendants.

Introdction - Ilan Szekely

My father's family is from Budapest.
One of his relative is Rachel Roza Weisz nee DIAMANT (1928-2005)
Rachel said she is related to the Diamant side of the Herzl family.
But due to her bad health we never got the exact relation.
After her death we hoped to find documents proving her claim.
But nothing was found. She was in Auschwitz and lost everything.

Here are the details I have

Yosef Diamant, d. 1929
Spouse: Frieda Zipora Diamant Married ca. 1926 in Hungary.
  1 Zvi Diamant, b. ca. 1927
  2 Rachel Roza Weiss (Diamant), b. 26 May 1928, m. Zeev Stefan Istvan Weiss,

Naftali Zvi HERZL in Paks book

Some information about Naftali Zvi HERZL and his sons.

Moshe Itzhak HERZL is mentioned there as son of Josua Herzl, but based on other sources he is his brother, both sons of Naftali Zvi Herzl.

Article by R. Ignias Shlang of Belgrad, 1940 - HERZL and his ancestors from Zemun

Appeared in "Haolam", 5700 (1940), v. 43, p.671.

הרב איגניאס שלנג באוגרד

הרצל ואבותיו מזימון*)
תרגום מסרבית צ.ל.
היהדות ביוגוסלביה, המשתתפת בשקידה במפעל הגדול של תחיתנו הלאומית, מתגאה בזה שמשפחת הרצל מוצאה מזימון. בדור שקדם להרצל פעל בעיר זו הרב יהודה ח' אלקלעי, שהיה אחד ממבשרי הציונות הראשונים. בלי ספק יש כאן מדת-מה של השפעה. הרב המפורסם יהודה ח' אלקלעי מזימון שהיה קודמו של הרצל ברעיון הציונות בוודאי השכין מרוחו על כמה מבני קהלתו ובדרך זו הגיעה השפעתו אל הרצל.


From a book about R. ALKELAI

"הרב י.ח. אלקלעי ז"ל" מאת יצחק גור-ארי בהוצאת אמנות, תרפ"ט (1929).

הספר מסתיים בקטע הבא:

ודור לדור יספר:
- - - "משפחת הרצל ישבה לכתחלה בארצות הסודטים או בהונגריה. אחרי כריתת השלום בפיסרוביץ (1718), בעבור צפונה של סרביה ובלגרד לרשותה של אוסטריה, עברה המשפחה לבלגרד האוסטרית והתחתנה עם המשפחות האשפניוליות שישבו כאן עוד מימי התורכים",

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Herman FRIEDMANN was my GGGF, and was Binyamin Zeev HERZL's father cousin, was a cantor (hazan). Herman lived in the "Subotica area" (quoting my father), and that his daughter (my Great Grand Mother) was born in Subotica. I also have his picture on which back it says "Szeged", meaning the place where it was taken, but the two towns are quite close and he could have taken it when his daughter Johanna, BZ HERZL's second cousin, moved there after her marriage to Adolf KERTESZ, my Great Grand Father.

Following are are all the details about Herman:
Herman FRIEDMANN (1828 ? - 1896 ? ) - "Cantor Volt / Rolt "as is written on the family chart in my uncle's hand writing, lived in the Subotica / Szabadka area. his daughter Johanna/Anna/Chana/Janca FRIEDMANN (1858-1932), married my GGF Adolf KERTESZ (1849-1940) from Szeged where they lived later on. Herman's other children were: Samuel, Jakab (married Zsofia, had a son Zoltan who died in 1972), Lipot (married Hermina- had 3 children who died in the holocaust), Roza (married Sandor Braun and had 2 children Irma - died in 1918, Marton died in 1920).